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Events | BEYOND BLACK THERE IS NO COLOUR with Naim Attallah & Maryam Diener @THeneageArtBook

Maryam’s Diener’s latest novel BEYOND BLACK THERE IS NO COLOUR is published on 27 February. With the rise of mainstream feminist-oriented publishing and the debate around fourth-wave feminism being very much in the zeitgeist, the time is right to (re)introduce

Beyond Black There Is No Colour by Maryam Diener

‘Beyond Black There Is No Colour’ by Maryam Diener launched at Thomas Heneage Art Books

Last night Quartet Books launched Beyond Black There Is No Colour, Maryam Diener’s wonderful exploration of the life of legendary Iranian poet Forough Farrokhzad. At Thomas Heneage’s renowned bookshop, Chairman of Quartet Naim Attallah paid tribute to Maryam

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