Watch Jane Haynes and Christopher Prendergast Discuss Proust, Psychoanalysis and Everything

Jane Haynes and Christopher Prendergast discussed Proust, psychoanalysis and much more at a SITE for Contemporary Psychoanalysis event at The October Gallery on 11th April. You can watch the discussion online here.

Jane Haynes met Christopher Prendergast after they were both invited to speak by the Royal Society of Literature on ‘What’s so great about Proust’ in 2010. They have continued a dialogue ever since. Jane’s interest in Proust was a later-life discovery, having spent most of it imagining him to be a bore. Regrettably, she has only read Proust in translation. Now he exists for Jane – along with RD Laing, Bowlby and Shakespeare – as a welcome internal consultant. Christopher Prendergast is a leading Proust scholar, the general editor of the 2002 Penguin translation of Proust’s A la recherche du temps perdu. 

You can get a copy of If I chance to talk a little wild by Jane Haynes here.