The Jewish Chronicle reviews If I chance to talk a little wild by Jane Haynes and Indescribable by Candice Derman

‘The dark childhoods of actress Candice Derman (author of Indescribable) and psychotherapist Jane Haynes (If I Chance to Talk a Little Wild) might have sprung from the Brothers Grimm. Their stories are, however, all too painfully true. Coincidentally, continents and time-frames apart, both women grew up as emotional, if not actual, orphans — adrift, unhappy and hungry for small acts of human kindness. Their two highly individual, must-read memoirs tell of triumph over early traumas that would have broken many.’

The Jewish Chronicle reviews Indescribable by Candice Derman and If I chance to talk a little wild by Jane Haynes. You can read the full review here:LIF_VJCA07.046LIF_VJCA07.046