The Daily Mail reviews Taking Morgan by David Rose

‘Written by an acclaimed investigative journalist, using all his hard-won experience in the Middle East, this debut is based on a string of real events that bring it a refreshing authenticity.

You can almost taste the dust of the streets, smell the explosions, and feel the fear that grips his female protagonist Morgan Cooper.

On the surface, she is no more than a Washington housewife and mother with a high-achieving civil-rights lawyer husband and time on her hands. In fact, she is an undercover agent for the CIA working in Gaza while pretending to be an American businesswoman.

Her cover story does not last. She is abducted on a trip to the city and held hostage. But the CIA do not come to her rescue, in fact, they seem less than interested in her disappearance, and it is her lawyer husband who sets out to save her life – and their relationship. The fate of Morgan and what it must be like to lose your liberty for months gives the story a fearsome grip that lasts to the final page.’

The Daily Mail reviews Taking Morgan by David Rose. Out now!