The Daily Mail reviews ‘From the Ganges to the Thames’ by Sonia Melchett

The Daily Mail have reviewed From the Ganges to the Thames by Sonia Melchett, click here to read the full article.

For more than 60 years, Sonia Melchett has been one of London’s leading hostesses, constantly in the thick of it, rubbing shoulders with royalty, From the Ganges to the Thames: A Memoir by Sonia Melchettpoliticians and what used to be known as the upper echelons of society.

But if anyone should think this hobnobbing has smoothed off her rough – and ribald – edges, they’d better think again.

It’s plain from the word go that Sonia – now a remarkably well-preserved 90 years old – has decided there is no virtue in being coy. Rather, she is going to tell the story of her life with all the dash and frankness it deserves.

From The Ganges To The Thames is vivid, unpredictable and thoroughly enjoyable. What’s more, it has the unusual distinction of being the only book I’ve ever read in which the author claims to be older than her Wikipedia entry – this has her down as a mere 87.

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