The Telegraph on Oggy Boytchev, unmanned drones and Simpson and I in the Telegraph

boytchevIn an article published in the Telegraph today entitled Replacing photojournalists with drones will only bring us ‘war porn’ Oggy Boytchev, author of Simpson and I: Between Two Worlds, made the following comment:

‘John Simpson and I put our lives in danger year after year, and countless other war correspondents and their crews do the same. An unmanned drone has no fear, no family, and no doubts. It will fly into the most dangerous, openly hostile environment and capture the best, most incredible images that us “real” reporters could ever hope for.’

Read his book, Simpson and I, about the risks war correspondents face in the pursuit of news. You’ll find it a most compulsive read given the present turmoil in the Middle East.

Buy your copy now and you’ll realise what a dangerous world we live in.