Teaser trailer for Simon Crane’s new thriller ‘the secret broker’

The Secret Broker, due to launch 22 September, is an adventurous new thriller and first in a series. It tells the gripping story of Luca Voss, a suave Swiss orphan and secret broker, who has to face a cruel megalomaniac trying to manipulate the world’s superpowers from behind closed doors.  This action packed thriller is an international journey of espionage and adventure, calling at Rome, Shanghai, Davos and more.

Simon Crane has been an entrepreneur, financier and writer for more than thirty years, working in Tokyo, New York, Sydney, Singapore and Hong Kong. Regularly sought out by government leaders, policy makers the world’s largest organisations for guidance on crisis control, he has had unmitigated access to some of the most powerful people on the planet and first-hand insights into the secret deals between government and businesses.