Nouneh Sarkissian interviewed in The Lady Magazine

Nouneh SarkissianQuartet children’s author Nouneh Sarkissian was interviewed in The Lady Magazine about her reading habits and finding the right book for toddlers. Here’s an extract just for you:

Books are exceptional: I like to turn their pages and even to smell them. When I get very old, I can leave my books to my grandchildren or to a library.

You can read the full interview in 1 April issue of The Lady Magazine. Nouneh Sarkissian is the author of The Magic Buttons, a fun novel for nine to eleven year old’s. The Magic Buttons follows the story of Pearl Darzi, a ten year old girl who has to save the magic which has been stolen from the International Conference of Wizards and Witches and cure the people from the terrible Blue Fever.

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