Love Books, Read Books reviews Memories by Naim Attallah

‘This is just the time of year or, perhaps, this is just the year that this book would appeal to a wider audience. To those of us who are not part of the publishing world, though we may have an interest in it, and now have time on our hands to pick up a book with which the author sets out to entertain and does not only that but intrigues and fascinates. The reader does not have to agree with everything he has done or says. This is a glimpse into how a young man came to this country without very much and made his way. Naim Attallah has lived a wonderful life. This is a diverting read which will banish away the disquiet of our current situation – for a while anyway.’

Love Books, Read Books blog reviews Memories by our chairman Naim Attallah. You can read the full review here and get your copy of the book here today.