The Literary Review 2007 review of Fulfilment and Betrayal by our Chairman Naim Attallah

fulfilment and betrayal cover‘The enjoyment of an autobiography generally depends on how interesting the author is able to make himself. In this instance Attallah’s self-confessed naivety, disgustingness, warmth, sensuality, exceptional energy, bossiness and diversity of enthusiasm certainly make him as colourful as anyone in Dickens or Powell, but the long-term value of Fulfilment and Betrayal will, I suspect, reside not in Attallah’s self-portrait but in the riveting picture he gives of a vibrant literary world that has, in his view, all but vanished – a world invented in his fantasy and brought to life with the bounty of his purse – a crazy, hyped-up, uncommon little world that was centred on Soho, jewels, books, eccentric personalities, gossip columns, “It” girls, parties, rifts and deep friendships’

This fantastic review by Alexander Waugh of Fulfilment & Betrayal by our Chairman Naim Attallah was published in the Literary Review in 2007. It describes a Soho and a world very different to the one today…

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