Kill Khalid


With the conflict still raging in Gaza, it’s worth reading all about Khalid Mishal – the political head of Hamas who now resides and operates from Qatar.

Our book, Kill Khalid, written by Paul McGeough, which received brilliant reviews when first published in 2009, tells the story how in 1997 the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad poisoned the Hamas leader in broad daylight on the streets of Amman, Jordan…

Then little-known, the Palestinian leader slipped into a coma – but not before the Mossad agents escape was bungled and Jordanian troops were called in to surround the Israeli embassy.

As Mishal’s condition deteriorated under the influence of a mysterious poison, the episode quickly spiralled into a diplomatic crisis. The Middle East feared the worst, but a series of high-stakes negotiations, brokered by President Bill Clinton, led to the Israelis handing over the antidote, thereby saving Mishal and setting the stage for his phenomenal political ascendancy.

Get a copy of the book now, and delve into the complexity of the current situation in Gaza which goes from bad to worse.