‘Hungry for Love’ reviewed by Portobello Book Blog

 Hungry for Love by Lucy Beresford has received another scrumptious review, this time from Portobello Book Blog:

Hungry For Love was a much more serious read that its cover perhaps suggests. With apologies to the cover designer, I’m not sure I would have picked this up based on the cover and that would have been a shame because I thoroughly enjoyed it. Hungry for Love by Lucy Beresford


You shouldn’t read this book if you are feeling at all hungry as the descriptions of baking and cooking will have your mouth watering. The culinary imagery continues too into the lives of the characters.  “He wants to hug her, for this deep connection they share about the importance of cake, this burnished way of seeing the world. Hug her or even eat her, if only the connotations weren’t so sleazy. Jax is too pure for that.” 


To continue the food metaphors, this is a treat of a read, very satisfying. It shows our heroine Jax begin to rediscover herself and strengthen her family bonds while also developing a love and appreciation for cooking. It has the reader wondering which of the delectable men, if any, might be her perfect recipe for love. The only thing it is lacking is a full recipe for the chocolate velvet cupcakes which Dan creates. They sounded to-die-for!

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