Hatchards name Scribbler in Soho as favourite book of the month

Esteemed London bookseller Hatchards have names Scribbler in Soho as their first pick for ‘Book of the Month’ this February. Here’s what they had to say about it:

Witty and charming, deadly but always with style, Auberon Waugh’s writing enlivened the seventies and eighties. First at Private Eye, then as editor of the Literary Review and finally as co-founder of the Academy Club, he reported on every aspect of the book world. His satire, astute observations and spoof diaries informed and entertained in equal measure. Sympathetically edited by Naim Attallah, this collection includes autobiographical pieces and the entirety of From the Pulpit, Auberon Waugh’s brilliant monthly editorials for the Literary Review

You can buy a copy from Hatchards here.