Happy Publication Day to ‘Japan’s WWII Legacy’ by Hiroko Sherwin

We’re excited to announce that today is the official publication day for Japan’s WWII Legacy: Interview with Japanese Veterans by Hiroko Sherwin.

Japan's WWII Legacy by Hiroko Sherwin

Japan’s WW2 Legacy by Hiroko Sherwin explores first-hand, previously untold stories from veterans of World War II and is an exploration of Japan’s wartime experience and its aftermath told through the testimony of war veterans and people whose lives were shaped by the war.

Hiroko Sherwin was eight when Japan finally surrendered shortly after the dropping of the second atomic bomb on Nagasaki. She herself narrowly avoided death when her town was bombarded by American B-29 bombers in the course of Japan’s epic fifteen-year wars, resulting in her country’s devastation.

Much, much later she returned to her homeland to interview an assortment of survivors, to hear their memories of the conflicts and the aftermath. All are harrowing and often painful. More importantly, perhaps, she faces the legacy of post-war Japan’s carefully staged recreation of its militaristic past, the consequences of recovery and the possibility of present generation Japanese politicians keen to play a more aggressive role in the modern world.

John Gray says  of the book “For anyone concerned with the nature and future of human conflict, this gripping and challenging book will be essential reading.”

Hiroko SherwinHiroko Sherwin was born in Nagoya, Japan and was evacuated to the countryside when the city was bombed. She later moved to Princeton, New Jersey where her three daughters were born. She served as a special correspondent for the Japanese newspaper New York Yomuiri and has written ten books in Japanese and a novel in English. She lives near Bath, England, with her husband.

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