Further great reviews of Old Ladies of Nazareth by Naim Attallah…

‘The book tells us about love and overcoming, told in the author’s engaging narrative. The life of the two ladies is based on a genuine spirituality that has its strength in the primitive connection with nature. In their generous relationship with the land that gives them sustenance and wisdom, they find courage and extraordinary resilience in the struggle for survival in the face of the hardships they have suffered.

In a simple and intuitive way, in the story of the two women who lived in the Holy Land, we are faced with extremely current themes for our time. They reveal loving teachings in the face of so much suffering that they find gratitude, forgiveness, dreams, freedom, independence the way to healing and transcendence. It also speaks of the importance of honoring our roots, those who came before us and the true sense of belonging in our lives.
Finally, it is an exciting tribute to memory, love and life!’

Anamara Simões Martins 

‘Realize that the consequences of political decisions have major implications for the lives of people, as well as family and formal education reaffirm in me the importance to fight the good fight, where the verbal account of my family history will perpetuate the moral, social and historical values. The simple, clear and sweet writing touched me.  Simple, without being simplistic.  Many moments I was also able to associate with the current life of great changes and confinement where we come to appreciate the nature and beauty of family relationships (even the most distant or difficult).  Life and its value, prudence, respect for the next values put to the test in these pandemic days. Reading your book allowed me to review my life story, where in several moments have identification with yours. Thank you for allowing us to get to know you a little, congratulations to the ladies who without training have demonstrated that life is a rich school full of teachings, simple and beautiful appreciation.’

Maria del Pilar Ferrer Camara

‘The book, though with simple language, tells with great feeling a story that takes place in a well-defined place and time, but which suggests to the reader to choose to position himself in the writer’s place or enter into his imagination and look for situations similar to those in his own biography. of the narrative. Extremely subtle and of enormous depth. I really enjoyed reading what made me curious to read other titles by the author. Congratulations.’

Rodolfo, Amazon review 






on  the Portuguese edition of The Old Ladies of Nazareth by Naim Attallah (published by Matrix). You can get your copy of the book here.