Footprints in Spain by Simon Courtauld is reviewed on Shiny New Books Blog

‘The British ffootprints-in-spain-by-simon-courtauldigures in this book range from Catherine of Lancaster to Laurie Lee, from anonymous fighting men of the Peninsular War to kings and queens and the daughters and granddaughters of queens. It draws heavily on original and secondary sources to explain and elucidate the experiences various people have in the country, and then gives depth to the book by describing the author’s own visits to the places he discusses, looking for clues, memorials and references to the events he’s just described. This gives a freshness and immediacy to the book, adding in elements of travelogue to the history-writing genre.’

Shiny New Books Blog reviews Footprints in Spain by Simon Courtauld. Read the full review here and get your copy of Footprints in Spain here.