Fire Child reviewed in the Daily Mail

Val Hennessy has reviewed the spectacular Fire Child by Sally Emerson in her column for today’s Daily Mail. Read the extract below or find her full column at their website here.

Boy (pyromaniac) meets girl (nymphomaniac from age 12). Both hide guilty secrets and are lonely scribblers of hate-fuelled diaries. He burnt down the parental home, she caused deaths. Clearly theirs is a match made in hell.

They meet. Cold eyes gaze into cold eyes. Suddenly it’s all erotic thunder, lightning and lines such as: ‘My body ripples out in ecstasy’ etcetera. Phew!

But as this horribly compelling plot soars towards a cataclysmic climax, you do wonder how, with so much sex and skullduggery, the diabolical duo find time to write their gripping diaries?

Fire Child is the first of a series of six Sally Emerson novels reissued by Quartet over the coming year. Get your copy at our website.