Father of Robert Montagu revealed as having escaped child sex abuse trial in the 1970s


Victor Montagu, the father of Robert Montagu, avoided prosecution for child abuse in 1972. The Guardian, Mail Online and Dorset Echo have covered this new discovery, according to files released by the National Archives.

Robert Montagu has said that he knows ten people who were abused by his father as children but he believed there may be up to twenty.

 ‘It doesn’t surprise me altogether but I didn’t realise that it went on so late into his life. I had no idea he was ever visited by the police at home or charged. My father was a loner, I don’t think he was part of any Westminster paedophile ring, but he was right there at the time. He had a house in Great College Street, near the House of Commons, and overlooking the gardens of Westminster School, he was right in the middle of it all’

Robert Montagu speaks to the Guardian about the abuse suffered at the hands of his father. Get your copy of Robert’s harrowing memoir, A Humour of Love, today.