Darling Baby Mine featured in the Telegraph Magazine

john-de-st-jorre-author-of-darling-baby-mineDarling Baby Mine by John de St Jorre was featured in the Telegraph Magazine this Saturday 17 September in a piece written by the author.

‘My mother disappeared without a trace – then I became a spy and found her 35 years later.’

As a secret-service spy, he was accustomed  to covert investigations. But John de St Jorre’s greatest assignment was to discover what happened to the mother who vanished when he was a small child.  Here, he picks up the trail…

Read the full feature from the Telegraph Magazine here. 

Darling Baby Mine is a heartbreaking memoir tackling the mistreatment of women and the stigma of mental health in the 1940s. It was released on the 15 September and is available to buy here.