Darling Baby Mine by John de St Jorre out today!

We’re excited to announce that Darling Baby Mine by John de St Jorre is launched today!

Darling Baby Mine by John de St JorreDarling Baby Mine is a heart-breaking memoir following a son’s search for his estranged mother, tackling the mistreatment of women and the stigma of mental health in the 1940s.

The bond between a mother and son is said to be unbreakable, but in this moving story John spends his life searching for his mother only to find her living in a mental asylum. Read more and buy a copy here.

‘Marvellous, enthralling in every way – as a compelling search, as sleuthing, as the discovery of a lost world and ultimately as the affirmation of a son’s resilience and a mother’s love.’ – Paul Theroux

‘A powerful, deeply affecting achievement by one of the most distinguished journalists of his generation.’ – John Cornwell

‘This is one of those books you can’t put down until you know how it ends. . . . With compassion and insight, the author reveals a tragic story that is ultimately uplifting.’ – Donald Trelford, former editor of the Observer

‘His tender and compellingly readable book tells an unforgettable story of filial faith, duty and love.’ – Simon Winchester