Coronavirus update

In the light of the Coronavirus outbreak, like many other independent publishers, we have had to suspend some of our scheduled publications for the time being. MEMORIES by Naim Attallah, SIXTY SOMETHINGS by Nicola Madge and Paul Hoggart, THE SINS OF G. K. CHESTERTON by Richard Ingrams and MARKED CARDS by Emmanuel Olympitis are being postponed until further notice.

We are going ahead as planned with POMERANSKI by Gerald Jacobs (30 April, fiction) and THE MAKING OF AN IMMIGRATION JUDGE by James Hanratty (7 May, revised & updated PB, non fiction). Please email publicity for further info at:

The economic fallout and human suffering because of this pandemic is incalculable. But life must go on. So while you are social-distancing at home, there’s nothing like a good book to offer shelter and inspiration. Books can be ordered online from our shop

We can beat this nasty virus with connectedness, friendship and good books! Be safe. Be well.