Our Chairman on his 1989 interview with Yehudi Menuhin

No, because I had to play the violin. The violin is relentless, and all the adulation in the world won’t enable you to play in tune unless you play in tune. When you measure yourself not by trivial adulation but by the work you have to do, then your measure is quite different. You can’t be spoilt. Besides, I have a marvellous wife, and she is so wonderfully loving and loyal and, at the same time, very critical. That’s the most wonderful kind of marriage. Marriages where the two flatter each other and reinforce each other are very dangerous in a way, especially if they have no children. People must have other people to criticize them.

Our Chairman interviewed Yehudi Menuhin in 1989, he blogs about meeting him and his interview with the extraordinary musician. Go here to read the full interview.