Books for Keeps reviews The White Umbrella by Brian Sewell

white umbrellaslide

‘Not since Anna Sewell’s anthropomorphic novel of 1877, Black Beauty, a passionate plea for the good treatment of working animals narrated from the standpoint of a horse, has there been a novel on the side of animals written with such conviction. The nineteenth century Sewell’s came about, perhaps, from the physical disability following an accident in childhood that made her dependent on horses and thus deeply appreciative of their qualities. The genesis of our Sewell’s heartfelt story is apparently a real life encounter with a suffering donkey that he was not able to save. That donkey remained on his conscience… A world of interest and opportunities for exploration is unfolded in a friendly, unpatronising, chatty narrative that will empower as well as delight’

Books for Keeps gives a fantastic review of The White Umbrella by Brian Sewell and awards it five stars. Read the full review here and get your copy of the book here today!