The Bookbag reviews Not Far from Dreamland by Val Hennessy


‘When you review a book you’ve got to do your best to be unbiased: you should look not just at whether or not you enjoyed the book, but your review should reflect whether or not other people might get more (or less) from it than you did – and this is my great problem with Not Far from Dreamland. I’m right in there – in upper middle age with Ronald and friends – facing the same challenges and wondering why bits of my body don’t work like they used to. Or don’t work at all. Val Hennessy has captured the seventh and eighth decades perfectly. I laughed. I cried. Then I started making a list of those of my friends who would have exactly the same reactions… But will it have a more universal appeal? You know – I believe it will. Many of the issues apply to any age’

The Bookbag gives a sparkling review of Not Far from Dreamland by Val Hennessy. Read the full review hereGet your copy here today!