Book Blast Diary interviews Gerald Jacobs on his new novel Pomeranski

‘Tell us about your latest novel, Pomeranski, and what inspired you to write it.
The principal characters and their actions are invented, so Pomeranski is not an autobiographical novel. However the atmosphere is not invented. The book is set in an actual place and time: Brixton in the 1950s and ’60s.

I was prompted to write it by a fascination with the idea and apparent compulsiveness of revenge, and also with the concept of autodidacticism, educating oneself to a high level outside the system. But these are underlying themes. More explicitly, there is a passionate love affair, at least one murder and a sub-plot set in Jamaica.’

Here’s an extract from a new interview with Gerald Jacobs on Book Blast Diary. You can read the full interview here. Pomeranski by Gerald Jacobs will be available soon. For more information on the title, go here.