Beyond Black There Is No Colour by Maryam Diener

Beyond Black There is No Colour The Story of Forough Farrokhzad reviewed by New York Times writer, Farah Nayeri

forough farrokhzad poemIran’s Poet of Female Desire, Forough Farrokhzad, is celebrated in a novel by Maryam Diener

posted 2/3/2020

Beyond Black There Is No Color: The Story of Forough Farrokhzad is written in the first person, as if narrated by Forough herself, in a loose diary style. It depicts real-life episodes in Forough’s life: her marriage as a teenager to a much older man, her early experience of motherhood and divorce, her affair with the married film director Ebrahim Golestan, and her 12-day stay in a leper colony, which became the subject of her award-winning documentary.

For those unfamiliar with the poet, the book is an introduction to her life and legacy. For those who know her well, it is a reminder of the powerful voice that she was and is . . .

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