Alquds reviews Memories by Naim Attallah

‘In the UK, and specifically in England, there are a large Arab communities from the various Near East, Gulf and North African countries.
The descendants of those countries, with their east and west, deal with all kinds of professions, so that we find among them scientists, doctors, engineers, judges, lawyers, journalists, bankers, industrialists, merchants and craftsmen, and there are a number of them who are awarded medals of merit and appreciation from Queen Elizabeth II.
And if we filter those names,who their owners have become British, appears in the surface , the name of the Palestinian Naim Attallah, who has emerged in sectors that can be enumerated in a way that is impressive and surprising, and on top of which are the publications of the international publishing house “Quartet”, which he runs with the mind of the follower of all that an English reader needs’

Arabic newspaper Alquds reviews Memories by Naim Attallah. You can read the review here and get your copy of Memories here today.