Allan Massie’s Bordeaux e-books 99p

You can now grab Allan Massie’s Cold Winter in Bordeaux and Dark Summer in Bordeaux e-books for only 99p until the end of April.

Dark Summer in Bordeaux

Dark Summer in Bordeaux by Allan Massie With his son’s safe return, Superintendent Lannes and his wife can, at last, have some joy amid the grim reality of Vichy France. Not that the unexplained murders seem to have stopped. Allan Massie’s second volume in his trilogy continues the story of dogged detection in a world seemingly gone mad. His first volume, Death in Bordeaux, was reprinted three times and garlanded with praise by reviewers.





Cold Winter in Bordeaux 

Cold Winter in Bordeaux by Allan MassieWinter. 1942-3. The war is turning against Germany on the Eastern Front. The Americans land in North Africa. Meanwhile, in Bordeaux, Superintendent Lannes – himself an object of suspicion, with one son in Vichy and another with de Gaulle’s Free French – investigates the murder of a woman. It looks like a crime of passion. His subordinate, Inspector Moncerre, calls it ‘a pre-war crime’, one which they may be allowed to solve. But the dead woman has been engaged in activities which have attracted the attention of the Vichy Secret Service, the Germans, and even the Resistance.



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