The Secret Broker Blog Tour 2016

We’re excited to announce that The Secret Broker by Simon Crane, out 22 September, is going on a blog tour from September to October.

The Secret Broker is an adventurous new thriller and the first in a series. It tells the gripping story of Luca Voss, a suave Swiss orphan and secret broker, who has to face a cruel megalomaniac trying to manipulate the world’s superpowers from behind closed doors. This action packed thriller is an international journey of espionage and adventure, calling at Rome, Shanghai, Davos and more.

With exact dates yet to be confirmed, check out the below poster for details of where the book will be touring. The tour will consist of author Q&A’s, reviews and guest blog posts from the author himself.


The Secret Broker by Simon Crane











Check out a teaser trailer here:

The Secret Broker is launching on 22 September at a special event in the Cafe Royal. You can pre-order your copy here, follow Simon Crane on Twitter @SimonCraneBooks or visit the Luca Voss website.