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Big Life


Enter the world of Jazz Summers, the music industry’s most notorious manager. Be transported from the monsoon drains of sixties Boogie Street to the smoke-filled folk clubs of seventies New York. Be a soldier. Form a band. Smoke dope in Malacca. Go to meetings in the coke-sprinkled boardrooms of eighties Los Angeles. Manage Wham! Drink wine. Wear baggy suits. Eat at uptight banquets in pre-Tiananmen Beijing. Hear Punk’s first screech. Drink heavily. Wear make-up. Go back to the year of Acid House and manage Yazz. Marry Yazz. Meet Roy Orbison. Outstare Puff Daddy. Lobby The Stones for ‘Bittersweet Symphony’. Manage Snow Patrol, The Verve, La Roux. X-ray an Egyptian princess. Live.
Witness Jazz Summers reflect with shocking and inspirational candour on his search for music and balance. Big Life is a hysterical and heartbreaking account of one man’s struggle with the Universe, his riotous dance to the music of time…


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  1. Boy George

    ‘Jazz is formidable and legendary. I have yet to meet anyone who doesn’t have a conflicting opinion of who he is and half of them have never actually met him. His stories have stories. He’s totally rock n roll, but a bit jazz’

  2. Richard Ashcroft

    ‘I don’t read anything I figure in, but the Jazz I know is a spiritual, stoical warrior who is a fiercely loyal ally and someone I’m glad to call a friend’

  3. Ana Matronic, Scissor Sisters

    ‘Jazz Summers is a wizard. Whether he is in service to the powers of Light or Darkness usually depends on what side of his argument you’re on. Rest assured that if you are on his team, he will use every force at his disposal to create magic for you’

  4. Damon Gough AKA Badly Drawn Boy

    ‘I was warned about Jazz Summers. To the point where I nearly didn’t bother making the meeting. It was the last of many meetings of a very long Friday. I’m glad I did make it, though. An hour in his time is an hour well spent. You always walk away feeling like anything is possible. What more can you ask of anybody?’

  5. Lisa Stansfield

    ‘When Jazz has a belief, especially with an artist he’s representing, no one will get in the way and no one will deter him. He sticks to his guns and fights his corner and he really believes in everything he does’

  6. Jazzie B OBE, Soul II Soul

    ‘Jazz is old skool business. Taking chances, up for a challenge. Passionate and loyal – he’s an adventurer’

  7. Gary Lightbody, Snow Patrol

    ‘Jazz Summers is a fucking lion. If you’re part of his pride he will fight to the death for you. He can make grown men cry and shit themselves. He is, though, essentially a kind man with a big heart with a deep capacity for love. Just don’t piss him off’

  8. Peter Robinson, Guardian


  9. Mail on Sunday


  10. Steve Lamacq, BBC 6 Music

    ‘Extraordinary…a tremendous, compelling read’

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